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Hi, folks.

I joined a couple of days ago (see intro post in chat) and mentioned I play exclusively in DADGAD tuning.

A few people asked for some more info about DADGAD.

This link is a useful intro if anyone else is thinking of exploring this wonderful tuning.

Still living. Still learning.

Re: Using DADGAD Tuning

And here's a great lesson for more advanced pickers.

Still living. Still learning.

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Re: Using DADGAD Tuning

Hi John ... thanks for posting these links.

Fingerstyle is something I've come to enjoy more and more, and am making it my "winter project" to practice at it. It seems a great many of them use the DADGAD tuning, so I might have to set a guitar up in that mode, just for this sort of thing.

I was also thinking of trying a SpiderCapo ( so I could simply tune at EBEABE ... ever use one of these? What do you think?

Just wanted to thank you for piquing my interest even further!

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