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HI all,

just been having a play around on one of easybeats songs he wrote called Dark Days.  He wrote it, performed it and had put it on his sound cloud.  I liked it, so did a recording of his recording with me in the back ground (like a back up singer) just  singing along.  So it`s a recording of a recording as per usual on my little hand held gadget.

Have a listen to both version,  I got to sing with a guitar for a change in instead of a ukulele smile

We may even have ago at recording it together which would be fun.

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Sounds good the mp3 track sounds a lot better then the one above it.

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Very nice song- I really like it.

Jan - your voice is killer, as I have said before.

Thanks for the listen !! smile


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great job both of you, very dramatic guitar playing and fab back-up singing.


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Your not backing Vocalist your pa

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Sorry my computer sent last post as I started writing. Your not the backing vocalist your part of a duo which works great, love listening to it. I could Imagine you and Brian doing a good cover of  Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking.

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Gidday all
many many thanks for your kind comments.& visits to Soundcloud.
I really needed it, as lately i`ve felt very discouraged.Haven`t even bothered
putting songs/poems on Chordie even though they still flowing out of me
at an alarming rate.
many thanks you lovely people!

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Sorry I'm late with my comment, Easy, but as I stated on SC, I'd like to hear more collaborative work with you and Jan, and I agree y'all might have a Hazlewood/Sinatra thing happening. Let those words and music pour on out of you, my friend. It wll help that discouragement.

Great job, Jan and Easy!


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Re: Dark Days

Good voices together ... well done. I could also imagine you doing some Johnny Cash & June Carter-Cash material together.

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Dino48 - Thanks for the feedback smile

TIGLJK - Thank you for your comments smile  I agree, I think this one of Brian`s songs is good.

Phill Williams - Thanks very much Phill, agree love the guitar playing on this one smile

Peatle Jville - Thanks Pete, glad you like listening to it smile  I know of Nancy Sinatra and I particularly like her song "Boots are Made For Walking" (one I like and play already) but don't know of Lee Hazelwood, I will have to google and look them up.

Strummerboy Bill - Thanks for comments Bill smile , looking forward to trying out some more songs with Easybeat.

Tenement Funster - Thanks for comments, I like Johnny Cash music, great idea smile

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