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This one is a work in progress. I have put down the base chords but I want to do something more complicated with it due to it being a march to make it less boring.

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Re: Two Steps forward and one step back

Definitely can relate! You've got it in 4/4, but the message gives us all the blues! lol

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Re: Two Steps forward and one step back

[C] Two steps [E] forward and [F] one step [C] back
[Am]  Trying to get thing [Dm] back on [G7] track
[C] Seem to be [E] working all [F] hours all [C] week
[Am]  But my finances [D7] still look [G7] bleak

[F] The credit cards [Fm] maxed, there’s [C] bill to [Am] pay
[D7]  More brown envelopes are [G7] on the way
[F] Too much [Fm] work and [C] not enough [Am] play
[D7] Can’t afford a [G7] holiday.

HI BEESTIE, just a suggestion as you said you'd like something less simple. still simple chords....

by the way, loved the song and i recognise every sentiment and the way you've written it...brill

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Re: Two Steps forward and one step back

Those lyrics apply to more and more people every day well written. By the way Bestie ,  Uncle Joes band  down on the Chat forum  under Geographical spread is putting together a good roll call and map of people on chordie. I hope you post your location detail on there.

Re: Two Steps forward and one step back

The new chords work well. Not the easiest on a uke but doable. I will have to have a shot at recording it, but I'm off trout fishing this weekend so it will have to wait.

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The lyrics are great and work well with Phills cho pro. I particularly like the shift from D7 to G7.
Have a great weekend fishing.

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Re: Two Steps forward and one step back


I like it, and it is very good just the way it is.........but I think as our good friend Phill says -- "a song's gotta have a chorus!"

I'm certainly not a expert by any means ( not even close)  , but I really think it has to have some kind of change somewhere - but that's just me and I could be waaaaayyyyy  off ! smile

I was playing your version...probably nothing like you play it... but a couple of verses popped in my head:

Here are my thoughts....

[F]Two steps forward and one step back
[C]the more I try, the more I lack
[F]Two steps forward and one step back
It’s [G] got my whole [F]world out of [C]whack

or maybe

[Cadd9]Money, money don’t  you do this to me
[F] I’m so down I can hardly breathe
[C] Money money  won’t you set me free
[G]From this debt that’s [F]come over [C]me.

I think either might fight in - at least it does how i Play it. 

If you don't like 'em - trash 'em  that's ok - hell - it's your song ! :  smile

your message is very good as you can tell because it really gets one to thinking about how impactual $$$$$$$$$$$$$ or the lack of can be.    Thanks for the great tune.     

Good luck trout fishing ! smile


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Re: Two Steps forward and one step back

beestie, really good, looking forward to hearing it.  Might have a crack at it myself smile

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Re: Two Steps forward and one step back

I can just hear the money marching out the door - well done.