Topic: Chord request. "sun and sunflower"

song name sun and sunflower: by flower. (taiyou to himawari)

one is a techno-ish version, one is the original acoustic. Either or works fine. sorry, but I apparently can't post links...

so the first one named exactly as "FLOWER - Taiyou to Himawari [Video Lyric]"

the second is

"Nightcore - Taiyou To Himawari [lyrics]"

Re: Chord request. "sun and sunflower"

The Techno-pop tunes are especially difficult to do anything with because they are usually highly orchestrated and manipulated digitally.  If you could manage to capture a fairly clean acoustic section and push it through Chordify, it might be able to get you a close starting point to build upon with keyboard. 

For us guitar-centric folks to try to sort it out would be reaching......  That said, Good Luck with your search.

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