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Hi, I'm new to CHORDIE and I have run into this error message "mySql reports that there is an error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Songbook'' at line 1" or something similiar when trying to print Public Books. Just wondering if this is an issue on the server or maybe in my computer...

Thanks for your help! This Site ROX!!!!


Re: SQL Syntax error

Welcome to chordie that happens here a lot and they are working on the sight.

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Re: SQL Syntax error

Welcome to Chordie !!  Sorry but you caught us in the middle of some major upgrades to the site and servers..... the errors you describe should only be temporary as we are in the de-bugging phase and doing so section by section.

Hang in there and things should get well on their own.  But, we DO appreciate hearing about anything that seems odd, as it helps us sort out any little glitches as we go.

Thanks for posting and Welcome Aboard!

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Re: SQL Syntax error

Yeah yeah, what Doug said!  If you think it ROX now... just wait, it's going to be Rocking AND Rolling soon!  smile  You may notice these little errors now and then, but our amazing admin is working on making sure that doesn't continue, and beautifying the site.  smile 

Welcome to the forums!  Welcome to Chordie!  Join the fun! Read the stickies!

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Re: SQL Syntax error

THANX very much for your quick response THAT'S GREAT!!! cool