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Nuf said.....

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SISTERS UNITE!  um... er.... I mean... BROTHERS IN SOLIDARITY!  uh... no, that doesn't work either... hmmm...

FAMILY TRADITION!  I'll go with that.  smile  Nice one Rog!

Art and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder.
What constitutes excellent music is in the ears of the listener.

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YA!! like the Waltons's!

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

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If that is the preamble to the Chordie "Mission Statement"....... I move to ratify, all in favor say aye.

Chordie is and always has been a community of mentorship, encouragement and guidance, a phrase to uplift those who are down and once in awhile a prayer to those suffering hardship.  Life and music is a journey that is eased by gentle nudges and well shared commentary..... and, yeah, it feels like Family more than not!

Glad to be a part, and really happy you all are around to participate.

"what is this quintessence of dust?"  - Shakespeare

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well said Doug !

Your vision is not limited by what your eye can see, but what your mind can imagine.
Make your life count, and the world will be a better place because you tried.

"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except only the the best." - Henry Van Dyke