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yes, after much procrastinating i've bit the bullet and bought a new mic which is a dedicated recording mic, for me anyway.

russ posted some time ago that he had done something similar but with all the trimmings. mine came with a sock, one of those springy things that avoid vibration and a lead with a cannon plug one side and a mini stereo jack on t' annoying. and as it's a condenser it needs phantom power, which is no problem, but before i go into full swing could anyone tell me if it will affect my mixer in any way? also, do i need to turn off phantom to record guitar/keyboards etc?

you help will be greatly appreciated.

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Happy nmd Phill.

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Just a query or two Phill,  first.... define "cannon plug" (we Yanks confuse easily).  I would expect your condenser mic to have a 3 pin XLR connector (one of which provides that "phantom power").... that said, other devices with the same connector type will ignore the power if it is provided, as those needing it will refuse to function without it.  Your mixer likely has a switch to enable/disable power on a as-needed basis to conserve electrons, but it should not interfere with you recording your guitar (which likely has a 1/4" TS mono plug jack) or keyboard which may use either or even a 3.5mm mono/stereo lead.

The sock and pop filter will be welcome as those things (condenser mics) tend to be very sensitive to ambient noise..... strange things invade our quiet world and your recordings, like the sound of your eyelids slamming together when you blink, or your neighbor across the road flushing the loo.

Have fun and Happy New Mic Day !!

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Thanks both, I shall now enjoy using the mic.

Thanks also for the info Doug, a cannon connector would go to a speaker. I'm not going to infer the age excuse this time, it was late when I posted and was tired. First time I tried it I couldn't get it to work cos I pushed the wrong button, which makes me a dick. Got it right eventually. This means I can now use my fender F90 and 12 er.
Thanks again.

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.


Happy NMD, Phill ...

I don't know anything about mic's, but anything that helps you enjoy more aspects of your music is a very good thing!

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