Topic: Why won't your page print?

I can't get anything to print the first page of songs?  Never had problems with the old format!

Re: Why won't your page print?

What song?  All the ones I try seem to preview in good shape.  I do clear my cache and cookies every time the browser closes and page preferences are all set via my printer interface (pagination etc.).

More info Please.

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Re: Why won't your page print?

I cant print anything either  it prints half of the last page and nothing else please fix it I have been on this site for years never had a problem. it just started with new format.

Re: Why won't your page print?

We're going to need more info to help you out and try to figure out what the problem is.  Can you please provide a link to an example of a song that you're unable to print properly as Doug requested?  Also, are you using a computer or mobile device?

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