Topic: how to translate chords with chordie?

Hi I have an iOS device called set lists I'm told that I can use chordie and the chords to translate into my iPad with lyrics and chords showing so it's in the correct format, would anyone have any advice on how to do this?

iv seen videos on you tube but it was using an older version of chordie.

Re: how to translate chords with chordie?

You'll need to download the chordpro version of the song ... click on the "eye" (view), then get to the chordpro version - then copy and paste the text from the song into a text editor and save it locally on the iPad ... I can't remember if "Set Lyst" has a specific place it looks, such as the iCloud drive, or if it does the editing itself ... I seem to remember after trying them all out, that OnSong was the best of them all, although it is a bit pricey now ... HTH!!

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