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Is the Free program download Audacity going to work for me? I've never done any recording before and would like to give it a try. I see the Audacity program is supposed to be free, though I can't for the life of me see how anything like that could be free. I've got a Yamaha MG12XU mixer which supports USB 2 output into a PC USB port. I'd like to know if Audacity is going to be something I can use to combine separate session outputs into one mix without losing myself in the process. I've got a Windows 10 Notebook with more capability than my older Compac laptop had. But I just don't know enough about recording. Would Audacity be a good place to start, or am I in over my head?

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Howdy Kevin,  Back when Russell Harding was putting this section on the "Chordie Map", and before it appeared officially in this Forum. He wanted something that was easy to use, supported multi-track mixing, and would allow importing of popular sound files for backing etc..... the "Free" price was a really a bonus.  Russ & I discussed this a lot in those early days and after trying other similar programs, kind of decided that Audacity was the one we would recommend.  Cross platform compatible, not too much of a resource hog, and, did I mention FREE !!

There are others... and over the years Audacity has become more robust, but there are tutorials here on Chordie, and the learning curve is not too steep. So to get your feet wet it is still my "go-to" program.  As you get into it more you might want to move up into something like Reaper which has loads of effects you can play around with (Audacity also uses VST plug-ins you can add).  Plus did I mention the FREE part? !! ?  wink  wink

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All I needed is a program that would take a direct signal of the songs I create on my Boss RC-30 and Digitech Trio and Audacity still is the simplest and easiest program to convert a stereo signal into a wav or mp3 format that I can work with in my new mastering program.

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Re: Audacity for me?

I'll take you two's advice and give it a whirl in the next couple weekends. While nearing retirement I want to do some solo gigging around the near neighborhood and I really needed something that would allow me to put together a few songs as demos. A little excited, a little scared, and a lot more happy! Thanks again.