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Anyone out there have experience with the Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder?

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I hear good things about them, but actually I think MKM (Amy) has one and used it to record stuff at one (or two) of their Upstate Gatherings.

So perhaps she'll wander along and give us a little review? (hint-hint)  wink

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Re: "ZOOM" handhelds

I did a bunch of research zoom vs Sony, went Sony and love it. I have this one … B002R56C4O

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I own one, and use it all the time for field recordings at bluegrass festivals.  The mics are nice, and you can adjust the angle of the coincident pair from 120 to 90 degrees.   It's also really nice for doing recordings of drum kits.  Mount the H4n as the overheads, put the kick on one of the external inputs, and the snare on the others  (or set them up Glyns Johns or Recorderman style), and presto you're done.

My only real complaint with it is that it won't recognize a 64Gb SD card.  32Gb max.

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