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Last week my local paper had this photo from June 1966 so I had them e-mail me a decent copy of it. Neither my brother, Colin (sat at the front), or I can remember it being taken but I was dead chuffed as it is the only photo I have seen of my first 12 string guitar. I was still in college at the time and I worked at my father's village newsagents shop so I paid a little each week until I had it paid off. Roger

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All I can say is G!!! (as in the chord you're strumming in the photo).

That pic must bring back great memories Roger. Do you still keep in touch with your old band-mates?  And do you still own those plaid slacks? big_smile


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That is a super photo -    was this your band or just guys getting together to jam on guitars ?
too bad you all couldn't get together to stage a re-take  - a now and then re-mix!
And this brings me to the point I make all the time to my students - digital media pictures today -  a generation from now - everyone is going to be sorry that they didn't print out hard copies of their photos - instead they get deleted from phones and other forms  - because the storage card is full !
We are lucky to have access to these treasures.

Thanks for sharing - you guys were a HANDSOME BUNCH OF DUDES !

And somehow the song Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa popped in my head -   smile
nice 12er !


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That's great!

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This is excellent!

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Great photo Roger.

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