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Topic: Your Opinion?

Gidday all.
lately i`ve been thinking,There is a lot of music that doesn`t get played anymore.
Almost a moral crusade,my question is!
A.  Should we stop playing music  because the artist is a poedafile now? Eg Gary Glitter
      If your answer is yes
B.   How about a murderer? eg Phil Spector.
      If yes
C.   How about a wife beater?
D.   how about a pick pocket?
It`s a funny old world of mixed morals,we celebrate drug addled rock stars.Bad language/Rap
D.  Or do we just let music speak for itself?
Come on Chordians get thinking about this one.Love to hear your answers.

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Re: Your Opinion?

as for me I don't know if it is wrong or right but there are artist I will change the channel on and a few I make sure I don't spend a penny on there music, even though I may play one of their tunes on occasion. liking there music and giving them my money are two different things in my book any way

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Re: Your Opinion?

Hmmm interesting questions  easybeat.  Guess for me, if I just don`t like their music (sound or lyrics) I won`t bother listening a second time.  Sometimes I just don`t like what they stand for or show themselves to stand for e.g. Marilyn Manson is an example of this, so I wouldn't bother getting his music.    Using your example easybeat of Gary Glitter, no I wouldn't  get any of his music because of his history (not that I liked him or his music much anyway).

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Re: Your Opinion?

I am not sure I could name any lasting world moving suoer talent  songwriter who has turned out to be a horrible sexual preditor of vunerable people or a murderer. Though  there have been many dodgy managers and production  people in the entertainment industry.
They were mostly ones who had short moments of sucess and then were mostly forgotten.

Re: Your Opinion?

In my mind, without the lyrics, music is:  non-political, genderless, non-sectarian, and colorblind.  If the message the lyrics bring into the mix violates an ethical or moral value that I hold.... I tune it out and do not buy the album (or play the tune).  Being one of the folks that grew up in the "Rock-N-Roll" years, if you tossed out everyone who abused illegal drugs, wrecked a car, got arrested, cheated on your spouse or "other", attended a political rally or demonstration, cursed on-air, or otherwise violated one of society's norms or standards.

There wouldn't be any music to play and we wouldn't be having this discussion. smile  smile

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Doug has made a valid point so have the others. In the darkness of the venue many a 14 year old may look 20. I'm not making excuses for our musical heroes, but slime like Gary Glitter never made that mistake he actively searched out under age kids. Bile rises just thinking about him.

As for Phil Spector, can anyone trash his earlier work for his stupidity in later life?

Would we have listened to and made superstars of Elton John, George Michael, David Bowie if we'd known they were gay?

The Beatles, according to many an anthology, regularly stole, took drugs and who knows what else before becoming famous! If we'd known would we have elevated them to those great heights?

I hate crime, paedophiles, killers and violence but mostly rap and techno....Sorry, i had to lighten it as it was getting too heavy

Great topic E B

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Re: Your Opinion?

I have lots of personal opinion on this topic, and everyone will draw their own lines as to what they choose to endorse or avoid. When I was young, my Mom would encourage me to answer 3 questions before I said anything:

1) Is it true?
2) Is it kind?
3) Is it necessary?

Music has the ability to invoke powerful emotions, even without words. The 4th movement of Camille Saint-Saens 3rd Symphony is one I can't get through without tears ... so majestic. If the listener is then subjected to a message while in that state, the message is amplified many times. Whether by word, deed, or lifestyle ... artists wield a fair bit of influence. We each need to decide how much of that we want to influence us, and see each one for what they are.

Re: Your Opinion?

To put it bluntly, If I like their music, I listen to it. If I don`t like it, I don`t listen.

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Re: Your Opinion?

I generally don't know abot the personal lives of artists. When I do, I make decisions based on that. My faith teaches me not to judge, but sometimes there's a difference between judging and enabling. I try not to judge or enable.

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Re: Your Opinion?

I have a really hard time listening to an artist if I know they are a bad person.

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None of these people are coming to my house for dinner, so I have no problem with judging the work on it's own.  It does influence purchasing decisions, though.

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jerome.oneil wrote:

None of these people are coming to my house for dinner, so I have no problem with judging the work on it's own.  It does influence purchasing decisions, though.

There ya go,  what he said!

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