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The chords for a Bob Dylan tune from around 1969.... "Traffic Jam".  I was also unable to locate it through my sources and thought I'd put up this request on his behalf.

If anyone has it, let us know on this topic and then e-mail him with the sheets (as posting copyright material here is frowned upon).

Thanks !!  smile

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Thanks, Doug. Did Dylan cover it, because I thought it was a James Taylor tune? I'd like to start it in G, if possible. Sorry, my friend I just read your e-mail, and it actually turns out the song is played with only maracas and drums, which is why I couldn't find it online with chords.

We have been moving to the new place a little at the time, but it's wearing me out. Late evenings finds me knackered, so I missed writing you and telling you about the song. Please excuse me.

10:30 pm and we're getting an early start due to doctor's appointments. I promise to be around more often when we get settled in across town (2.5 miles away from here).

Dondra says "Hey, Y'all!" and sends her love. And don't worry, all she does as regards  moving is direct me. I do NOT allow her to do any physical labor.

See you soon. (We expect to be in by 9.30.2017)


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Re: Strummerboy Bill was looking for:

I stand corrected my friend.... James did do that one, while stuck in traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway.  "It hurts my motor, to go this slow.".  So True !!  I almost seized up a motorcycle from idling and creeping along on one of those traffic jams (air-cooled) until a "Chippie" on a Kawasaki came along and gathered up all us "two-wheelers" and led us down the shoulder to the nearest off ramp.  One hot smoggy afternoon !! big_smile

"what is this quintessence of dust?"  - Shakespeare