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Topic: New Gretsch "Parlour" Guitars

At NAMM 2017, Gretsch introduced it's new "Roots" series of smaller-scale acoustic guitars. A friend of mine ordered the G9531 Grand Concert (at left in photo below) and called me last night ranting about how great it sounded for such a small guitar. Priced at just under $500, this might be a strong candidate for that "Campfire Guitar" we have been talking about in another thread. I get to see it / play it on Saturday. Does anyone on Chordie own one?


Re: New Gretsch "Parlour" Guitars

Hey TF,

Not quite the same but I just traded an old mandolin for a Simon & Patrick Woodland Parlor - circa 2003.
It has a great sound, maybe not as robust as a dred but definitely holds its own. 
If not the yard guitar, it will for sure be the camping guitar,  takes up way less real estate and is great fun to play.
I suspect Gretsch will do a decent job of it.  Nice price too.


NGD post soon - I have a couple to catch up on - there's been some horse trading over the last couple months...

Re: New Gretsch "Parlour" Guitars

Good stuff, JG!

Simon & Patrick's are solid guitars. I have a Norman which is essentially built by the same Godin family of guitar makers. My friend told me the same thing as you, that the parlour doesn't have quite the big voice as a dread / jumbo, but surprisingly close. He just wanted something to kick back on the sofa with, or for travel ... and these things fit the bill.

Can't wait to see your NGD pics!