Topic: What are chordpro songs?

Just searched Chordie for Ticks by Brad Paisley. The return provided lyrics but no chords. The response indicated that the source site did not support the chord pro format.

Re: What are chordpro songs?

Chord Pro (or ChoPro) is a formatting option based on an early scoring software (derived from Chordii).  There are a few articles on Wiki that can explain it in detail, but suffice to say that ChoPro is preferred by our internal software for ease of layout on the music pages and supports on the fly features like transposition, choice of chord names or grids (displayed above the lyric line) and such.  Not all sources of music indexed here will have that available, but will have tunes in text format or TAB.  All are useable for learning and playing music, so it does just become whatever is your preference and easy for you to use.  We don't store music, so sometimes you will not find a particular tune available in the preferred format, and we will list several versions (from different sources) so you might find one that is useful.

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Re: What are chordpro songs?

Basically ChordPro is a semi-standardized text markup language:

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