Topic: An Early Happy Mothers' Day

To all our ladies here in Chordie and of course the spouses of our guys. Thanks for putting up with all our inanities (insanity?)  and especially for loving us and the chirrun. (how we say "children" down here in the south).

I almost forgot: Thanks for listening to our music, singing and poetry, and, if necessary, telling us how beautiful they sound. wink

We send our love to all of you

Bill and Dondra

PS: It's early because we have a bit of travelling to do.

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Re: An Early Happy Mothers' Day

Have a great day ladies !!  (although a little late).  Without Moms most of us wouldn't be here would we??  Hope your "kids" sent flowers, cards or at least a phone call. We cut flowers and made a nice arrangement for the only "Mom" in the family that is still on "this side".  Thanks to a good Spring we were able to come up with almost a dozen Roses.

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Re: An Early Happy Mothers' Day

Thanks Bill and Doug ................ had a wonderful Mothers day with my kids, hubby and grandkids.  Got spoilt rotten, feed, hugged and generally loved apon.  FAMILY are the bestest smile

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