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I only ever heard your expression from English People, friends or holiday makers!
We do use that word here in different ways! A term of endearment?
"Ah your an awful B####x" can mean i like you! or i think your funny!
That yoke is B####x? means its broke or not working!
Your only a B####x? Means "your not a very nice person!
I will-n-me B####x? means "Im not doing that!
Ask me B####x, "speaks for its self!

We also use the word "Hoor" not as whore" But!
"Your a cute hoor" meaning clever! or i like you!
He is a hoor of a man! Meaning "Great fella"
That fella is an awful hoor! meaning "he is always up to devilment!
Thats a hoor of a haircut! Meaning the" Hairdresser did a bad job"

Thanks Ark for this one! i very seldom use any of these words, But always find them very amusing in the right context!
Now what other words around the world are used like this?

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Old Doll.

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Hey Old Doll,
Words and expressions are a fasinating part of local/National identities. We Canadians have many. Like:

A loonie.
Our one dollar coin has an image of a loon on it

A Toonie

When the two dollar coin replaced the two dollar bill the term toonie was coined... no pun intended


A case of 24 bottles of beer. '' I'll pick up a two-four for the party ''

Puck Bunny

A hockey groupie. Hockey is an obsession in Canada and many girls go nuts over the players


A coffee with two sugars and two creams as in ''I'll have a dozen doughnuts and a Double-Double''


I may be goin' to hell in a bucket babe

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Re: Arkadys Dogs B#####x?

In South Africa:

robot :  traffic light

bakkie ( pronounced bucky):  pick-up truck.

dop:  drink ( alchoholic)

braai ( pronounced br-i ):  BBQ

cherie, goose: a girl ( use only if you want a klap (pronounced klup) which is a slap )

stuk (pronounced stik ):  girlfriend or boyfriend

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Re: Arkadys Dogs B#####x?

Hi old doll
I'm not sure where the expression came from.
Used here as a meaning for something that's good not really a very nice  one I know.
I thought it was a little amusing as acmecorp described Marmite as tasting like a dogs arse meaning bad.

I prefer it's the cat's whiskers. smile


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Re: Arkadys Dogs B#####x?

here's some east texas stuff:

a possum run over your grave= you shuddered suddenly and gave a look of shock/fright

fair to middlin'- means it'll do, good but it aint THAT great. comes from the grades of cotton way back in the day

('im going over there' or 'im gonna do it') d'rectly- means im gonna go do whatever it was i said i was gonna do as soon as i get done visitin' with you

what do you say? (but it sounds more like wadya say ol' boy?)- a lot of old people use this one... its kind of like 'sup

good old boy-  usually means a guy that aint that bad but at the same time he aint that good.... he has a good heart but hes a little well redneckish...  he likes beer and Jesus and hank williams jr. and whoever referred to him as that is probly one of his buddies
EXAMPLE-  "Well, ive known him to have  a beer now and then but he's a good old boy."

tits on a boar hog- worthless, useless, makes no sense. Usually used after "Thats about as good" or "does as much good as" etc. etc. I think this one's pretty easy to figger out, just keep in mind a boar hog refers to a male lol

granhny beads- the drop shaped rings of dirt around your necks and the creases in your arms and legs when you've been working in the dirt

a coon's age- a real long time

"holler" at someone- usually means call em on the phone but sometimes it means pay em a visit

then of course we use stuff like:

crazier than a road lizard

old as methuselah

cold as a witch's tit (in a brass bra as my grandma used to say lol)

instead of thingy or doohicky we say 'deal'
"I broke that deal on there"

anyway theres plenty more but thats all i feel like writng right now.
Some of em i know where they come from and some of em i dont....

All You Need is Love smile