Topic: Greetings y'all from ARIDZONA

Yup we made it and although it is supposed to be warm and sunny only half of that is true. Not warm at all but greenish and a bit cold. Missing having the ability to  check in regularly due to lack of web access and doing this via Android cell connection. Thinking about you anyway and wishing I was home and better connected. Lots of music going on around these parts but mostly small venues and jam sessions. It is surprising how many folks have not heard about this huge and supportive community but I am doing what I can to educate them. Lots of talents folks out here living on the rough side and enjoying the environment and each other's company.

The rubber tramp rendevous is over and most folks have wandered further south in search of warmer climes, but we are hanging in hoping it gets nicer.

You folks keep on, and we. Will check in as we can 

"what is this quintessence of dust?"  - Shakespeare