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I received a private message from ThomasCanterbury1916 asking:


Why do fellow posters, (God love em',) insert non-highlighted chord names (i.e.) a,b, dm etc. instead of blue colored
diagram chords, like they do for most of the song?

Tom Canterbury sierra madre,

Why do posters use the name of chords, (i.e) e,g,d,a, when they are already using blue highlighted
named chords with diagrams...?

I can't answer as to why people do things in different ways so I'm putting it out here for anyone to respond. smile

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Re: Non-highlighted chord names

I'm not 100% sure, but I'll have a stab at this; the formatting on the site uses a variation of a file format called chordpro (see this site for more details:, although some people are not aware of how to use it so they write their words/music verbatim with the chords aligning above the text, such as:

G               A7
Love me Tender, Love me true ... 


Whilst the chordpro version includes the chords in square brackets inline, and looks like:

[G]Love me tender,[A7]Love me true ... 


Which then renders out as:

[G]Love me tender,[A7]Love me true ...


Note also that in the forums, this needs to be written as:

{st: Artist}
{t: Title}
[G]Love me tender,[A7]Love me true ... 

Sometimes people will mix and match these two styles as well, which can lead the parser to make mistakes, because it's not sure what it's dealing with .... 

I'm not sure if I answered the original question, but I hope that helps.



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Re: Non-highlighted chord names

I think Richard is correct. You have to use the right style of brackets and get instruction code in the correct order. Check out the "stickies" (information posts) at the top of the songwriting forum.     

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Re: Non-highlighted chord names

I responded to Thomas and gave him the link to this thread.

Thanks guys. smile     

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