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... Dust to Dust
10 Jahre
3 Words (2 versions)
A Lot of Changes Comin’ (2 versions)
A Million Lights (2 versions)
About You
Adore (2 versions)
African Queen (2 versions)
All by Myself
All My Devotion (3 versions)
All the Earth
All Things New (3 versions)
Am I Allowed (3 versions)
Amazing Love (9 versions)
Ángel de amor
Anyway Rattlesnake (3 versions)
Are You in Love With a Notion? (4 versions)
At the Edge of the World You Will Still Float (2 versions)
Autumn Leaves
Awan Nano (8 versions)
Away My Silent Lover
Backwoods Rose
Bad for You (3 versions)
Bahagiamu Deritaku (2 versions)
Beautiful Head
Beekeeper (2 versions)
Believe (5 versions)
Better Than (4 versions)
Better Than That
Better to Lie (2 versions)
Betterman (2 versions)
Bide Your Time (7 versions)
Billy The Kid (failed - reindex)
Black and White (3 versions)
BLOOD (3 versions)
Bloodstreets (3 versions)
Blue Skies
Body And Soul
Bone (3 versions)
Born Is the King (It’s Christmas) (2 versions)
Born Is the King (It's Christmas)
Born to Love You Forever (3 versions)
Born With a Broken Heart (2 versions)
Bound For Glory
Boys Lie
Brand New Cadillac (2 versions)
Broad Daylight (3 versions)
Bubblegum Bitch (8 versions)
Bullet Girl
Buy the Stars (3 versions)
Bye Bye Blackbird
Call My Name (6 versions)
Calvary (6 versions)
Camellia (2 versions)
Cameo Brooch (6 versions)
Carpe Diem
Cavorting (8 versions)
City Lights
Clavado en un bar
Close To You (2 versions)
Cold (2 versions)
Cold Wind
Come as You Are (2 versions)
Come to Me (2 versions)
Comes Love
Coming Through
Como diablos
Como te deseo
Daniella (2 versions)
Das ist mein Leben
Day by Day
Daybreak (2 versions)
De pies a cabeza
Decode (2 versions)
Destroy All
Diamante lei e luce lui (2 versions)
Did It in a Minute (2 versions)
Dientes (2 versions)
Do It for Love
Don’t Talk About This Love (2 versions)
Dream Blue Haze
Dream Come True (2 versions)
Dwelling Places (3 versions)
Dynasty Damnation
Eagles Wings (3 versions)
Eine dieser Nächte
El camino
El eterno femenino
El mismo sol (2 versions)
El universal (3 versions)
Emmanuel (6 versions)
En la Inmensidad (3 versions)
Everytime You Go Away (2 versions)
Fall in Philadelphia
Fallowfield Hillbilly (3 versions)
Fear and Loathing (8 versions)
Fight for This Love (6 versions)
Fingers Crossed (2 versions)
Five Seconds to Hold You (2 versions)
Flower in the Rain (9 versions)
For the First Time
Forever (7 versions)
Forever for You (2 versions)
Fork Tongued (2 versions)
Found in You
Friday Let Me Down
From You to Me (2 versions)
Froot (2 versions)
Fumar (3 versions)
Georgie Boy
Giorno per giorno (2 versions)
Girls (failed - reindex)
God You Are My God (2 versions)
Gold (2 versions)
Gonna Be a Long Time (3 versions)
Good Excuse (2 versions)
Good Times Are Calling (6 versions)
Goodnight and Goodmorning (3 versions)
Got a Date With an Angel
Great Is The Lord (3 versions)
Grind 2 Halt
Had I Known You Better Then (3 versions)
Hairdresser Blues (2 versions)
Hallelujah (4 versions)
Happy Hour
Hard to Be in Love With You (2 versions)
Hate On Me
He Loves Me (4 versions)
Hear Our Prayer
Heaven (2 versions)
Heavenly (2 versions)
Hello (3 versions)
Her (3 versions)
Here Come the Young Men (3 versions)
Here With You (2 versions)
Here’s the Plan (2 versions)
Hermit The Frog (failed - reindex)
Hoja en blanco
Hole in Your Heart
Hollywood (2 versions)
Homeward Bound (5 versions)
Homewrecker (3 versions)
Hookahville (5 versions)
How Come (2 versions)
How Does it Feel?
How to Be a Heartbreaker (2 versions)
How to Be Alone (3 versions)
How to Survive a Heartache
How We Get Through
Hypocrates (3 versions)
I Am Not a Robot (9 versions)
I Apologize
I Don’t Want to Be Here (3 versions)
I Give You My Heart (6 versions)
I Hate This Part
I Hear a Rhapsody
I Heard Goodbye
I Promise (4 versions)
I Was an Island (4 versions)
I Will Follow
I Wish
I’m Addicted (3 versions)
I’m Beginning To See The Light
I’m Going Free (Jailbreak)
I’m Ready
I’ve Got You Under My Skin
I'm Going Free (Jailbreak)
If I Have You
If It Wasn’t for Me (2 versions)
If It Wasn't for Me
If Not for You
If This World (4 versions)
Imagine Me Without You (7 versions)
Immortal (2 versions)
In a Sentimental Mood
In This Song
In Your Room (2 versions)
It Can Only Get Better (2 versions)
J’Passe Te Prendre
J'Passe Te Prendre
Jamie’s Song (2 versions)
Jesus (The Way) (3 versions)
Jesus Is (3 versions)
Johnny’s Gone (2 versions)
Johnny's Gone
Keeper (2 versions)
Keine ist wie Du
Kings of the New Road (4 versions)
Kiss on My List (5 versions)
KLSP (2 versions)
Ku Akui (3 versions)
L’orage (2 versions)
La crudita (3 versions)
La descrizione di un attimo
La sirena
Lack of Knowledge (2 versions)
Lady Rain (2 versions)
Last of the Ladies (3 versions)
Last One Standing
L'€™orage (2 versions)
Let’s Leave (2 versions)
Lies (3 versions)
Life (3 versions)
Living a Lie
Living Dead (3 versions)
Lonely Hearts Club (5 versions)
Loner (2 versions)
Long Hair
Look What Love Has Done
Lose Control (3 versions)
Lost Boy
Lost Without You
Love Bug
Love Killer
Love Story (2 versions)
Love You So Much (3 versions)
Low Budget Slow Motion Soundtrack Song for the Leaving Scene (2 versions)
Lullaby (3 versions)
Magnificent (7 versions)
Making It Up
Maneater (3 versions)
Mariposa traicionera
Marquee (3 versions)
Maybe Someday
Me vale
Media (3 versions)
Midnight Sun
Mood Indigo
Most Holy (3 versions)
Mowgli’s Road (4 versions)
Mr. Confederate Man
Mr. Lucky
My Greatest Love Is You (4 versions)
My Heart Will Trust (2 versions)
My Marble Hole
Mystery Man (3 versions)
Nada que perder
Nang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig
Need (5 versions)
Never Existed (failed - reindex)
Never Learned to Lie (3 versions)
Nichts ist für die Ewigkeit
Nirban (2 versions)
Noktah Cinta (3 versions)
Northern Lights (2 versions)
Not Nineteen Forever (5 versions)
Note to God
Nothin’ Like You
Nothing but Sky (3 versions)
Nothing Left (4 versions)
Nur die Besten sterben jung
O Come Let Us Adore Him (5 versions)
Ocean (3 versions)
On My Knees (10 versions)
One Day
One Night Stand
One Of A Kind (failed - reindex)
One on One (3 versions)
One Thing Leads To Another (failed - reindex)
One Way Road (9 versions)
Only Human
Only One (2 versions)
Oops I Did It Again
Ordinary People
Our King Has Come (3 versions)
Out of My Mind
Out of Touch
Outlaw (3 versions)
Para Sa Akin (6 versions)
Parachute (6 versions)
Parking Brake
Patah Hati (2 versions)
Peaches & Cream (3 versions)
Peaches & Cream (5 versions)
Perfect Love (3 versions)
Phantom Fireworks
Please Don’t (2 versions)
Possession Obsession
Postal (2 versions)
Potter’s Hand (4 versions)
Potter's Hand
Power & Control (2 versions)
Praise The Lord (3 versions)
Prelude to a Kiss
Primadonna (3 versions)
Prisoner of Love
Promise This (2 versions)
Pugni Chiusi (failed - reindex)
Purging of the Wicked
Push Yourself (3 versions)
Pyramid (2 versions)
Radioactive (2 versions)
Rain (2 versions)
Rain on Me
Rayando el sol
Reason I Live (2 versions)
Redemption (6 versions)
Redneck Piece of White Trash
Revolution (9 versions)
Rich Girl (4 versions)
Roll the Dice
Romancia (failed - reindex)
Rooftop Lullaby
Rootless (3 versions)
Sadie (2 versions)
Salty Seas (2 versions)
Sara Smile
Save Rosemary in Time (3 versions)
Saviour of the World (3 versions)
Say It Again (2 versions)
Say What You Mean (4 versions)
Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips (3 versions)
Se potessi
Senza riserva (2 versions)
Sex Yeah (3 versions)
Shadow Zone
Shampain (4 versions)
She’s Gone
Shelter (2 versions)
Show You Love
So Close (2 versions)
So You Wanna Be a Superhero
Solitaire (2 versions)
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (2 versions)
Somebody Loves Me
Song for Someone
Songwriter (2 versions)
Sophisticated Lady
Spirit of the Living God (2 versions)
Spis din syvende sans
Spring to Come (3 versions)
St. Francis (8 versions)
Stahl blitzt kalt (3 versions)
Stand Up (2 versions)
Starring Role (7 versions)
Steal It (3 versions)
Stjerner (3 versions)
Stones Throw
Submarine (failed - reindex)
Summer (3 versions)
Sunday Best
Supersonic Home
Sweet Surrender
Swords and Tequila (2 versions)
Sycophant (5 versions)
Take Over the World (3 versions)
Tea for Two
Teen Idle (6 versions)
Tenderness (2 versions)
Tengo un sentimiento
Thank You
Thank You Jesus (4 versions)
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
The Bright Side
The Color That Your Eyes Changed With the Color of Your Hair
The End (5 versions)
The Flood (4 versions)
The Gas Man Cometh
The Least I Can Do (2 versions)
The Long Haul (2 versions)
The Nightmusic
The Only Name
The Opener (7 versions)
The Rambling Rover (2 versions)
The Red Death Ball (3 versions)
The Rest of the World Has Gone Home (8 versions)
The Return of Per Ulv
The Rumors Are True
The Sky Is Falling
The State of Dreaming (6 versions)
The Thrill Is Gone
The Very Thought of You
Them There Eyes
Thief of Always
Things I Could Do (2 versions)
This Friend of Mine
This Is My Country (failed - reindex)
This Way (3 versions)
Thunder (2 versions)
Tiger Boy (3 versions)
Time Machine
Time on My Hands
To Be There Now
Tonight (3 versions)
Trust in Me
Tusen tegninger
Un lugar celestial (4 versions)
Una finestra tra le stelle
Under the Sun (3 versions)
Used to Get High (4 versions)
Valley of the Dolls (4 versions)
Vivir sin aire
Wait for Me (2 versions)
We Can Make a Difference
We’re All Alone
What Does Teemo Say?
What The Lord Has Done In Me (5 versions)
What Took You So Long? (2 versions)
What You Want (11 versions)
When I Come Home
When the Morning Comes
When You Hold Me
Who I Am (4 versions)
Why Bother (3 versions)
Wieder mal ’nen Tag verschenkt
Wild American Prairie
Wir ham’ noch lange nicht genug
With You
Wonder Woman
Word for Word
Worthy, Worthy (2 versions)
Yakap (2 versions)
Yesterday, Today & Probably Tomorrow
Yesterday, Today & Probably Tomorrow (2 versions)
You Are My World
You Are Near (5 versions)
You Make My Dreams (5 versions)
You Overdid It Doll (7 versions)
Zebra (3 versions)
¿Por qué te vas?