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Hi folks, I'm a long time user of Chordie, but have never delved into the community.  However, there's a little thing that's been bugging me for a long time, that being the question, "Who decides what songs go under which category?"  For the best example, look under "Christmas."  Today, the top 20 list includes "Wake Up Little Suzie," "Walking in Memphis," and "Creep."  Really?  Creep??  How is THAT  a Christmas song?  I think someone's messin'...

Oh, and the photo over "Blues" - yes, nothing and no one epitomizes the blues like a skinny, nebbish white guy...XD 

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Re: Who makes these choices?

Welcome to the forums. We all have a rant from time to time but you feel so strongly about it that you posted it twice!!!!! Don't worry the mod for that forum will delete one of them.
As for who chooses which song goes into which category that is also a mystery to me. It could well be the program. As is often stated here on the forums, Chordie is basically a search engine, no songs are actually stored here apart from maybe originals?
I hope you feel better after getting that off your chest and that you may join us in our discussions, Q and A and advice.

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Re: Who makes these choices?

Lol. Funny comment on the blues.     

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