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Topic: believeable lie


a melancholic little ditty about our children flying the nest. a short and sweet one this just 1 min 30 secs. i'd appreciate your thoughts.

Believeable Lie.Undefined

[G] Don't look sad.

Don't cry.

Don't [C] think you have to make up some believeable lie.

Cos I can [G] take it.

I wont fold.

I will [C] show you in the end I'm as good as gold.

But [Am] someone will take you [D] away.

Without [Bm] caring `bout what I might [Am] say.

It's all on [G] me.

I'm a fool.

Words come [C] from my mouth before I think them through.

Yes I'll be [G] sad .

I may cry.

Don't you [C] worry I will make up some believeable lie.

Cos I don't [Am] want to see you [D] go. Though I [Bm] knew some day it would be [Am] so.

My-oh- [G] my. [Em] Time goes [D] by.

[C] Time....[Em] goes....[Am] by.... [G] [Em]

Words & Music by Phill Williams.

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Re: believeable lie


Yes indeed !
I am in awe of how fast time has passed by.

I want a "do over" !   I wish I could go back in time and just enjoy my kids more - seems I was always so busy.

I must admit I was jealous of my sons in law bc they got to marry my daughters - it's really hard to accept that anoter man can take your place after so many years of caring and protecting them.

Very cool song Phill - Darn - I wish I had your abilities !!

Hope you are well and not driving Ann too crazy !  smile

We should collaborate again on something, I always love how you take my songs and make them magical !

Best wishes


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Re: believeable lie

Enjoyed that Phill. I have been through that situation as well with both of my children, and I wish they were both still here or at least close enough to stop by occasionally. Just finished listening to it as well and I enjoyed your performance. The music fits the lyrics and I agree with your use of the keyboard/piano.     

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR

Re: believeable lie

Hi Jim, thanks for the good review. Yep, it seems one day you're changing nappies next you're feeding your grandkids!

Look forward to our next colab, I seem to have dried up at the moment, I had to buy a new note pad and the blank pages are freaking me out...lol     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.

Re: believeable lie

Hi Jeff. Thanks for that. It was going to be just the guitar and vocal but I thought I'd experiment with the piano, I think it worked?

I have four kids; one lives in Australia and the other three live within a couple of minutes walk so we see them almost daily....at a safe distance of course. I'll be glad when this is all done... I'm missing my kisses and cuddles, or cwtches as we say in Wales.
Stay safe     

Ask not what Chordie can do for you, but what you can do for Chordie.