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I was just looking at my join date for chordie, and ill subtract 2 years because i didnt join the forums for that long. but still!  I been friends with so many on here in 14 Yrs.  Thank you! I love this gathering of friends, virtural and some no longer active and some no longer on this earth.



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Re: 12 Yrs already?

Scott  I always enjoy your posts  You must be one of the Chordie old timers now with fourteen years in this space.     I'm only a spring chicken here with only about five years so far.

Re: 12 Yrs already?

You joined a year before me, oh! and happy anniversary. When I joined I was ready to give up song writing, maybe I should have? I've seen many members come and go, glad to see them come sad to see them go. With all the thousands of chordie members I just wish a few more would come and join in the forum conversations.     

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Re: 12 Yrs already?

Beamer - congrats  on your longevity !      This is the best place on the net - I find myself drawn here here almost everyday.

I quite agree with Phill - I miss Amy Wall and Kiki Jan - it was nice to have their perspectives and great- great - great - vocals !
I also miss all the people that have left for various reasons as Scott stated.
I often think - " Did I write something that offended them or ignored something they were proud of - and that's why they left ? "
If I did - I didn't do it intentionally and I apologize.

I would have quit songwriting and guitar playing long ago if not for the good people and the support given in this forum.  Thanks to all !!


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Re: 12 Yrs already?

12 Yrs already . Fantastic accomplishment.     

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