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Topic: Johnsonville Rain Kowhai Nectar

It is Spring here this a tune about when it rains here in the valley where I live and the birds and flowering trees that help give our local Tui birds plenty to fill their stomachs.  I thought I would put this up even though  it needs  to be done again but I thought it might give you an idea of what I  am trying to achieve.
Any comments greatly received.

Re: Johnsonville Rain Kowhai Nectar

i like it Pete. very psychedelic me thinks? double tracking... you're getting quite experimental. great video too.     

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Re: Johnsonville Rain Kowhai Nectar

Cheers Phill thank you for your feed back.  I was trying to get that late 60s psychedelic sound it was also me  being experimental with double tracking.  I had an idea in my head but I couldn't pull it of the way I wanted it to sound. I messed up in a many  parts of it. The up side of it was I have learnt a lot and hopefully it will help me to do something a bit better next time. If I did that one again I would do things different in various  parts of it. The video side is just me taking pictures and videos on my cheap  phone around the valley where I live. I like the idea of people making videos and taking pictures and making music  without expensive tech.