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Tomorrow will be my 47th wedding anniversary. Several years ago the last of our kids were gone, I had got some pretty good raises at work and had been secretly saving up some money so that we could afford to do something special for our anniversary (maybe go on a cruise or visit Europe). So with a limit of $10,000 in mind, I asked Jennifer what she would like to do for our anniversary. She thought for a while then said "How about writing me a song?". I thought Wow! This songwriting hobby is finally paying off - I'm gonna save $10,000! 

I spent the next few days really trying hard to come up with something that would tell her how I felt about our marriage.  Those that have met me at some of the Chordie gatherings know that I have spent a lot of time outdoors, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, etc and over the years have spent hundreds of nights sleeping outdoors in a tent. To me there is no better feeling than being in a tent during a rain storm.  Knowing that outside there is thunder, lightning and pouring rain but inside my tent I'm warm, dry and comfortable, separated from all the nastiness outside by just a thin piece of coated nylon. To me, that is the way I felt about our marriage, that together we formed a barrier that blocked out all the bad things that life threw at us over the years. When I played the song for her she told me that I'm probably the only person in the world that would compare 35 years of marriage to a wet, soggy tent, but admits it's her favorite song that I've written. … the-rain-1 

I wrote the song in the key of A and the intro starts with an A played by barring at the fifth fret and using an  E fingering that I'll designate as an A*  and a Bbm played with a barred 4th fret using an Am fingering which I'll call Dbm*. All other chords are open (I hope this makes sense).



[A*] [Dbm*] [D] [A*] [Dbm*] [D] [A*] [Dbm*] [D] [A] [E] [A]


[A*]Watching the [Dbm*]campfire's glowing [D]embers, [A*]staring [Dbm*]at the dying [D]flames

[A*]Thunder [Dbm*]rolls across the [D]valley, [A]soon I'll need [E]shelter from the [A]rain

[D]Just an old piece of [A]canvas, [D]years of mud and dirt and [A]stain [E]

[E]But that [A]tent holds out the stormy [D]weather

[A]It brings me [E]shelter from the [A]rain


repeat intro


[A*]We once [Dbm*]stood before an [D]altar [A*]and swore our [Dbm*]love would never [D]fade

[A*]We'd stand and [Dbm*]face life's storms to-[D]gether, [A]bring each other [E]shelter from the [A]rain

[D]For many years we've been to-[A]gether, [D]shared life's joys and fears and [A]pain[E]

[A]She's the one that I can [D]count on, [A]when I need [E]shelter from the [A]rain

[D]For many years we've been to-[A]gether, [D]shared life's joys and fears and [A]pain[E]

[E]Like that [A]tent that holds out the stormy [D]weather, [A]she brings me [E]shelter from the [A*]rain


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beautiful song beautifully in the bank my friend     

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Wow Ken that is song writing at its best. Your guitar picking and vocals excellent. That is a perfect tribute to an exceptional lady. I love the way you brought two of your loves together in a song nature and your wife. Congratulations on your 47th anniversary.     

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Re: SHELTER FROM THE RAIN (Aka my $10,000 song)


That is Hall of Fame in my book !!
Forget the $10 G's man - you've already got it ALL !!
Congrats on a beautiful song and a beautiful relationship with your wife !!

Thanks for sharing


P.S.   Let's hope the wife doesn't get the part where you might metaphorically call her an old piece of canvas!  smile   

Great song buddy !

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