Topic: Upcoming Chordie birthday

Oktober 25th it is 5 years since I started Chordie. This should of course be celebrated, but how? Let me hear your suggestions!

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Wow - 5 years - - - certainly worthy of some celebration.  I shall ponder this and offer ideas later.

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2002 was a great year indeed for me personally. Chordie was created and I married my beautiful wife.

Regarding a celebration;
How about an account from anyone willing, describing their most memorable, helpful, touching, or humorous, moment they've encountered while on Chordie. Or a tic or tape parade with a marching band made up of Chordians. "The Marching Chordians" celebrate 5 years of pure musical knowledge gathering bliss!!!

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5 years old? wel well well!!
I was wondering yesterday how long i have been coming to chordie. I think about 4 years, i will have to find the first song i printed off to see.

how to celebrate it? hard question

Open a chat room for a day?
All meet and highjack someone elses chatroom like a poolroom in yahoo,lol. No one plays pool
lets just highjack a room this weekend to test

I am lost for sugestions right now.


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thats funny because my mom's b-day is on the 25. i think ill write chordie and my mom a birthday song!

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This is definitley a cause for celebration but I am not quite sure what yet, I will have to give it some thought. I guess though that I wrote "Chordie Friends" a month too early or that could have been my contribution.


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