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This is the lyrics and chords for chase the blue sky.

I will endeavour to get the other 3 tunes up when I have the time. enjoy and if you need some assistance the song is on the website page. Peace TW

{t:Chase the Blue Sky}


{c:capo 3rd fret}

[C] Someone close stole the sun from [Fmag7] me
[C] Clouds so grey now that I can’t [Fmag7] see
[C] A while ago I’m smiling, right now I’m crying
[Fmag7] Tears falling hard like the rain
[C] Days like this dissolve me love like yours absolves me
[Fmag7]  Sweetens up the sharpest of pain

[C] Chase the Blue sky [Fmag7]
[C] Chase the Blue sky [Fmag7]

Someone close played with my heart
Pinned it up like a work of art
A while ago I’m dreaming, all I hear now is screaming
A nightmare in the middle of the day
Took long enough to find you I don’t want to lose you
Never take my sunshine away

As I,
Chase the Blue sky
Chase the Blue sky

[A min] Feels like you’re a part of me
[G] It’s hard to let go
[A min] It feels like we work [F mag7] together as one

[A min] If you go your own way
[G] I’m not gonna stop you
[A min] At least we know we had [Fmag7] us some fun

Chase the Blue sky
Chase the Blue sky

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Re: Chase the Blue Sky

hi molay this seems like a lively one ,good song ....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool