Topic: Slimming down the collection

Well it's a sad time in my I've gave it much thought recently and I've decided (much to the amazement of my that I have just way too many guitars. I know...Is there really such a thing? Anyway I've decided I need to part with some of them. I'd rather have a couple of really nice guitars (Thinking custom if I can afford instead of several  that I never really get to enjoy because of the number of them. I'm going to start off by selling either 7 or 8 acoustics or acoustic/electrics. I posted 3 last night on ebay and 2 more tonight and will list more ,probably, tommorrow. I'm gradually working up and the decisions are geeting more
I hope I dont violate any forum rules by doing this but I though I'd drop in a link to my ebay page incase anyone was in the market for a guitar or 2 or 3 or … arpix11587
Thanks! Peace!

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Re: Slimming down the collection

You haven't got a cheap strat, tele, or acoustic you could ship to the UK have you? Can't afford one yet, but I might be able to in a few months.