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I'm new to this site and think it is great. I have been writing songs for about 30 years. have not done anything with them. as of yet. any way and not wanting to take any thing away from chordie. I have recorded a few of my songs, using goldwave. and I have them posted on

is where I store my songs so friends can hear them.
let me know what you think. would love to hear feedback on my songs.
Dan hemphill

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Hi Dan Hemphill & welcome to chordie's Songwriting forum!

I just heard 'Lover Goodbye' - man you really spank it on that one!  Great stuff and would have listened to more, but found it confusing to maneuver on the esnips site.  Shall try again when I am feeling more patient.

There are many contributors to this section of the forum from all over the world - never a dull moment here.  Glad you have found chordie and look forward to getting to know you and your music better.


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hi dan and welcome to a great site.i tried to listen but my computor security blocked it,anyway have fun...stay cool

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thank you james for the nice comments,
goodbye lover is all over the fret board and confuses some people.
where can I get chord pro to post songs?

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wow i listened to like goodbye lover and it totally rocks! keep going with all ya songs!

love rhiannon xoxo

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Fáilte again Dan,

I also tried to listen to this song. " No Joy"  I will try again later in the day

when i'm finished writing here and get back to you.

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Hi Dan Hemphill
I to had trouble trying to listen to your songs. Windows blocked me anyway Welcome to Chordie

Used my other computer and was able to listen.
Good up beat number.