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Afternoon all,
I recently put a page up on myspace and have been amazed at the amount of untapped talent that has music up on the myspace community. There is also the opportunity to listen to music that you would otherwise never hear on the radio from all over the world. You've gotta love that fact alone.

Anyway this is just a wee message to say that I have managed to put 2 new tunes up on the myspace page recently,
'Reach Out' and 'The Hungry Line' now join 'Mia Culpa' and 'Chase the Blue Sky'

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the tunes


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Re: 2 new tunes on Myspace

Traite - Each and everyone is just great. I especially liked Hungry Line as it reminded me of soccer or proper football as I have heard it refered to by my friends on the other side of the pond. Well done on each and every one!

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Re: 2 new tunes on Myspace

hey might want to fix the website link under your name...its lacking the (.com)