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are there any 2 chord songs? and how do you play the b chord i don't understand how you push down 5 strings.

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The B chord is what's known as a barre or bar chord. It gets this name, I guess, because you use your index finger to hold down all or 5 of the strings across the fret - like a bar across the strings.

If you find this too hard (like most of us do to start with) don't forget that if you transpose ( or change key) you can find easier chords to play.

e.g. if you have a song wich uses 2 chords - B and E, you can transpose down a whole step (2 frets) and the chords would then be A and D. Same song but just a different key. If you have to play in the same key then since you have transposed down 2 frets then if you put a capo on the 2nd fret then you are back to  the original key.

I hope this makes sense. If not then don't be afraid to say so; someone will be able to explain it better than me.

Can't think of any 2 chord songs off hand but I'll give it some thought. Welcome to Chordie, you'll love it here.

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loads of two chord songs out there - but here are a couple of 2 chord things i started with just to practice .  try   AM ( A MINOR )  changing to EM ( E MINOR ) .  just me , but i found these two changes helped a lot as i found i was able to find many variations in the sound and when i was able to pick it helped as well . as i say thats just my way of starting - i was learning on my own so found it hard .

any resemblance to my songs sounding anything like the original is highly unlikely.

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hey bo diddly by bo diddly is a two chord hit from a few years back  a lot of raggai song are i and 2 chord you can evoke feeling in a modal chant of 1 chord

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hello alcoholryan & welcome to chordie!

Here is a 2-chord song from way back when people bought 'singles' and 'albums' and listened to  songs on 'AM radio': … ;id=349641

'Paperback Writer'

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"Horse with no name" by America has only two chords..

There are ways of cheating with the "B" chord! If you do an "A" shape on the fourth fret and hold down the high "E" string on the second fret with your index finger you get a kind of "B Lite" - you dont get the bass note of the chord but it sounds reasonable enough. Make sure you only strum the firstfour strings though!
Alternatively you can train the pad of your little finger to fret the D,G and B strings on the fourth fret and hold down the A string on the second fret with your index finger. This is trickier but you get the bass note which makes it a bit more genuine! Make sure you mute the high "E" string though (this usually happen anyway given the hand position).

You could also do another voicing of "B" - using the "E" shape barred on the 7th fret. Takes practice but it's still easier than the usual B barred on the 2nd fret!


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Horse with No Name has four chords, but they are each two finger chords.  It is very, very easy to play, but the chords are not used terribly often in other songs unless you are playing other songs by America. 

Jambalaya by Hank Williams uses only C and G7.  Not only does it only have two chords, but these two chords are probably about as easy to get between as two chords can be.  Each finger has to move only one string for each chord change. 

- Zurf

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bloodhound gang has a song that has either 2 or maybe a 3 chords,the roof is on fire. cant quite remember the chords but i know it has only 2 or 3

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the saw doctors songs "the green and red of mayo" only has two chords. Well, it has one more for the break but mainly 2 chords

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There is also a version of Oasis Songbird which uses G and Em7

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2 Chords Songs;
Sublime- What I Got   D,G
Grateful Dead- Fire On The Mountain  A,G  (originally in B, A is easier)
Dave Mason-Feelin' Alright  D,G ( originally in B, I like D!)

These are each very cool 'jam songs'. Fun to play and recognizable to most.

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Tulsa Time by Don Williams     E and B7

Now change the chords to D and A7 - keep the same strum and you are now playing:

Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cryus

Just a couple of easy 2 chord songs.


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Songbird by Oasis

G and Em

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I just want to dance the night away is two chords, E major and B7 big_smile

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johnny cashs ring of fire is G and C (then D at chorus) but when i started out this one helped me learn how to switch between G and C which comes in handy cus knocking on heavens door (G,D,C) and a few others are based around these. plus if you learn A minor you can basically play most 50's and 60s songs-ish. k?

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About the B-chord on the 4th fret, you have to be careful, avoiding the other strings.
I know, it is a kind of skill to go from barre to an E chord as example, and you need a lot of practice. My SLOGAN is: if you can play a lot of chords and/or barre on a 12-string guitar, it is 100% easier to play a 6-string.
- 2 chord song: Tom Dooley   Stay all night (Bob Willis).
More common are 2-chord songs 80% 2 chords, and in between a 3th chord 20%

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I came across a version of "Northern Sky" which strictly speaking has three chords but basically has two (you dont have to move your fingers much between chords) and was thrilled because

-it's a great song and sounds lovely played with these chords
-I finally found a Nick Drake song I can actually play!!

(It's listed on this site - in key of D)



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alcoholryan wrote:

are there any 2 chord songs? and how do you play the b chord i don't understand how you push down 5 strings.

Why do you want to play 2 chord songs ?

If you struggle with barre chords eg F & B just learn, for starters, G C D Em (which is a I, IV, V, VI progression in the major key of G) you'll then be able to play loads of songs.

Continue to practice your barre chords and all of the other chords in the major keys (then later the minor keys) but in the mean time continue learning songs in the key of G to keep your interest going.

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"anyone else but you" by the moldy peaches.

really really easy. G and C, you can make it even easier by doing G with the 2nd string on the 3rd fret and then, instead of switching to a regular C, just do Cadd9 (E0A3D2G0B3e3)

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hi all, new member here,a few questions, is there a section for bluegrass guitar picking? i came from banjo hangout and if this is the guitar deal then im in wanting to mix it up a bit. ive got a martin D-15 and ready to start. ive played back in the 60s G<C<D style and thats about it. thanks for the other posts ive been reading and any help youall can give me in the coming times.  george from bristol,tn.

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2 chord songs....heres 2 for you.they may be by other people but it is DONOVAN that ive heard sing them...they are

1.hey gyp(dig the groove)...A and G

2.goldwatch blues...Am and E


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Best two chord song that comes to mind is "Working Class Hero" by John Lennon - Am & G.

I knew it by the original version but got knocked out by Green Day's, check it out on youtube & tabs thru chordie.


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Hi I am looking for two chord songs with G and D7. I have Skip to my Lou and Tom Dooley. Can you help me out please? BB

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Drunken Sailor    Am  G  Am G Am G Am   all day long.:)

Later, Wayne P

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Here are a couple more.

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