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Hi All,

I'm considering buying a used Simon & Patrick SP6 but know very little about the brand/model.....Can anyone Stateside/Canada advise please?



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I've had an SP6 for 6 years and have loved the relationship.  I had my action lowered, and a strap peg put in so I didn't have to tie off at the headstock, and it pretty much play it all the time.  Fantastic materials / construction considering the price, have never had tuner issues--warm, rich, tone.  If you like a lot of high end response, probably not your guitar, but if a well rounded mid-range tone with a good bass response is your thing--you'll love it.  The cedar is a little soft so be very carefull--it will nick up a bit, but after 6 years mine looks just a little worn, but I think it just gives it character.

They are made in Canada--I think by the same comany that makes Seagull and Laravee.

Hope this helps!


Re: Simon & Patrick advice required

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated !


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Simon&Patrick are excellent guitars Sound wise an SP6 will give any  $1500 gutar a run for there money.
They really do have incredible sound and quality for the money.

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Yep, I've gotta agree with Frankster and copper. I've had one for roughly six months now and it plays really well. It does nick pretty easy, as mentioned, but I wouldn't let that put me off buying one. Only gripe I had was that the action was a shade high and I got a tiny bit of fret buzz at the 'dusty' end. I would imagine most mid range guitars have little problems though. Anyway, it was nothing a wee set up didn't sort out.

A lot of guitar for the money I reckon. A very well made guitar that sounds terrific imo.


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