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Don't beat me up too bad , I
know I submitted this incorrectly .( My computer geek hasn't gotten around to helping me yet......)
   This song came off the cuff one afternoon when my bro. called and asked me to write a song so we would have something new to work on that evening . This is what came out.........
I do it with a bright tempo .

   ( Without You )

             ( Am )
When you told me you were

  ( C )
I guess I stopped believin
      ( G )
In a love that I always

thought was true
( Am )
After all this time ,
  ( C )
I just quit wonderin why ,
   ( G )
I thought that it was me ,

but it was you .......
        ( Am )                 ( G )
And I finally ......decided what

to do ...........

( Chorus )
          ( C )
I'll just crack another beer ,
     ( Am )
and I won't shed a tear ,
   ( G )
remembering this love I

thought we knew......
         ( C )
Cause when I stopped

believin ,
       ( Am )
And I knew I'd come out even
  ( G )
I knew that I was better off
without you..........
( Am )                ( G )
without you.........

( verse 2 )

     ( Am )
It's taken me a while ,
   ( C )
to realize I could smile ,
      ( G )
and live my life not feelin blue
     ( Am )
And I am not afraid ,
   ( C )
of pullin down the shade ,
          ( G )
on that life I always thought

I'd have with you .....
              ( Am )            ( G )
and live without you .....
   ( Am )           ( G )
without you......

( Repeat Chorus and End )

( I left out one verse in the interest of brevity )

" Just reading the lyrics , it's hard to hear the song , but if the words tug at the's enough for now........... "

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Nice lyric and good chord sequence although I did make some of the chord changes in slightly different place to the ones you posted but I enjoyed playing it. I think that you should have posted the other verse also as it is a little short as it stands.

Thank you and well done,


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So Good,

A real tidy song with a great story, I to would love to hear the other verse.

Well done to you!


Old Doll.

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Re: Without You ( by Jerry Short )

yes as long as theres ice cream i can live without anybody but that aside i liked the lyrics i really cant tell about a song till i hear it played to much is left to imagination but it was a good job keep writing um

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GSE nice song as far as it goes. Lyrics and chords fine.
But as Russ says the interperation of the song is in the recording.
One thing if you don't mind saying so in a lyric based forum it's best to include all the lyrics you had in mind for the song.
Anyway Good job

Re: Without You ( by Jerry Short )

hi gse cool song i don't get chance to try any posts,too hectic here ....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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just played your song, very good. It gets 'Badeyed" again.


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Thank you all for the kind words . Have'nt been on here much as we got snow dumped on us again , and this time of year , moving the crap is how I make my living .
   It's doubtfull you would ever hear my stuff performed unless you made it to one of our little jam shows . I do all of my stuff live . I don't record anything because when I start writing ,
the songs come so thick and fast that there just isn't time . The time I have for music , is just that and I don't want to spend it messing around with a computer or trying to be a recording engineer .
   Thanks again , the kind words mean a lot coming from my Chordie buddies .
   By the way Brad , feel free
to Badeye my stuff any time .
   L O L ..............Jerry

" Just reading the lyrics , it's hard to hear the song , but if the words tug at the's enough for now........... "