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This song is for my friend <3 Leighette <3 who is the strongest person i know smile she gives me hope love {The Works}
I need to make up some chords for this yet, i have a tune in mind big_smile xxx


There’s no place
In this world
That will make me change my mind about our love
Because it hurts
Whenever I look in your eyes
To find that you don’t love me
Instead you love her

Is it about time I moved on?
And forget about you
Is it about time I let go?
I’m running out of things to do
I need some security
I need this loving feeling
Are you going to say
Good bye

There’s no help
For love
You have to find it on your own
There is No one
That makes me feel
The way you make me
Why did you just go?

Is it about time I hated you?
And left this country
Is it about time I looked up?
To the sun?
I need you there
To help me dear
Oh why did you say


You must be in love
You must be so happy
While I am here broken hearted
Do you feel proud
For what you did
To me


Follow your heart
It usually makes the right decisions <3

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hinder read the "sticky" on this forum it may help you, and by the way you have to include chords with your lyrics or its considered a poem and the powers that be on chordie frown on this smile

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hi rhiannon lyrics look good ,so lets have the music then we can all have a bash,well done....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool

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Hi Rhiannon,

I like the lyrics you have written but as you know 'a song ain't a song until it has music' so I am impatienly waiting until you have converted the melody you have into chords. Perhaps when you do you will honour us with a recording of it too smile.

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