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I have Elixir light 10-46s on my guitar Some one in our group suggested that I go lighter to a 9 to make bending easier.Does changing to lighter strings alter the tone in any way.
Thanks for any advice

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Yes it will, but not too much. Some people use heavy strings and a hard pick.
I use ELIXIR too, 0.90 gauge, allowing me to play better my style.
I have a pretty nice collection, I changed my strings on every acoustic guitar, by elixir.
My style is: (try to flat picking) playing chords and my skill here is that I can switch very fast from one chord to another, and blocking strings, + licks and riffs.
I can't play real solo guitar.
I have 2 devices: KORG PANDORA PX4D and his successor the PX5D, having 200 effects on it + rhytme section, drum + bass. I plug my guitar in input and headphones in output allowing me to play a lot better. I wanted to sell the PX4D, but there is a difference between them, so I don't sell it.
With this you can play any style and see what gauge is best for you too.
But I go for 0.9, a lot more flexible and easier to play.

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Lighter strings have more treble in the sound. The thinner the string, the easier it loses it's tune. Lead players like lighter strings to facilitate stretch and for the lighter touch but need to tune more often.
I use medium lights for primary rhythm and the occasional lead ride.

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Sort of a general rule is to use lighter strings like 9-42 on Strat and Telecaster type guitars and 10-46 on the Gibson Les Paul and similar guitars. I've been trying to standardize to 10-46 for all my electrics and haven't had any problems...lots of the blues player (many with a Strat) like to use the heavier gauge strings...especially if they use a slide...  Don't forget that if you change to something that your guitar isn't set up for then might have to make some adjustments...

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