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Topic: Lost Among the Years

Lost Among The Years          4/4

    Here I sit all alone
    I wait for you by the phone
    And think of the time
    We first met

    You know where to find me
    Always where to find me
    I haven’t moved
    In years
                Bb                            Gm        F
        I’m waiting for the lock to click
    Bb                                 Gm        F
        As I listen to the second hand’s click
                Bb                      A
        Long past midnight

    No I didn’t sleep last night
    I laid awake all night
    With one ear on
    The door

    I keep the fires burning
    The home fires burning
    And I keep your room
    Lit bright

        Waiting for the moon to rise
        Watch it climb across the sky
        As time falls through the hours

    I think of lines to say
    Always rhymes to say
    What can mere words

    How do I love you
    Count the ways to love you
    In one word
    You’re life

        Now I’m watching a rising tide
        As the sun begins to shine
        To wash away last night

    We deal in opportunities
    Dream of opportunities
    Lost among the years

    Give me the front seat
    I demand the best seat
    The best seat
    In your life

        I watch your anger rise
        Till anger drives you blind
        And you run into the night

Re: Lost Among the Years

Nice stuff butch! Yu can never go wrong with a lonesome love song. nice feel between the lyric and rythmn

Re: Lost Among the Years

And I keep your room
    Lit bright

This line reminded me of the sentiment in "Downbound Train"


Now I work down at the car wash where all it ever does is rain.

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Re: Lost Among the Years

Thanks for the input

Re: Lost Among the Years

hi butch another to scratch my head on,if you look at the sticky at the top of songwriting it tells you how to format your songs,great lyrics.....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool