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Some real bad news Jeremiah ,my best friend's son and my godson ODed last night and died. So it's a real mess. everyone thought he had gotten clean.

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Hi butch,sad too hear of your bad newsit is a shame to loose someone you care about.

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such a useless tragedy to many of our young people with there whole lives ahead of them choose the wrong path my condolences.

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Sorry to hear that, Butch.

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It is tragic to lose someone in this way, my condolences to you and to his family.


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The bummer is we thought he was straightened out and had even joined the Natioal Guard and had a job. I had expected if it was going to happen it would of been his younger brother w/ the dreadlocks and the heavy metal bang, nothing agoinst heavy metal lover pwer cords.

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So sorry to hear... it's a tragedy anytime a young person passes on especially when we are not expecting it, and it could have easily been avoided with different choices.  ((HUGS))

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Bummer. My thoughts are with you and the family Butch.

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So sad!
May God give those left behind the strength they need to get through this tragedy.

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Terrible news. 

- Zurf

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