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Topic: (Thoughts of You) Carry My Dreams Away

Hello everyone,  here's  ANOTHER SHRUBBERY!......well, i guess you would have had to see Monty Python's "The Holy Grail" to get that one.   But, here's another one from Rooster3.

Please comment...good or bad...it all helps!   Thank You.

(Thoughts of You) Carry My Dreams AwayCopywrite: Blake Stitcher

Intro: [ D,Asus4,Bm,G ]

Verse 1:

[D]Hey girl now I [Asus4] feel like we’ve [Bm] been through a[G]lot And we’ve,

[D]Made some [Asus4] memories along the [Bm]way[G]

And [D]layin’ here in my [Asus4]bed at night my [Bm]body’s fast a[G]sleep

While [D]thoughts of you [Asus4] carry my dreams a[Bm]way.

Verse 2:

I [D]dream on our [Asus4]happy times and [Bm]all that we’ve been [G]through, like when

[D]Your parents caught us [Asus4]kissing in the drive[Bm]way in the [G]morningpast two[D]

And the time you [Asus4]told me how you [Bm]felt about me and [G]I just smiled

[D]Cause’ neither of us had [Asus4]said I love you for a [Bm]while. [G]


It’s [Bm]times like these that my [G]heart is so glad

For [D]all the love shared and tears [Asus4]shed when times were bad,

But [Bm]I just smile cause’ I have [G]you for another day

When [D]thoughts of you [Asus4] car-ry my dreams a[D]way.

[Asus4] [Bm] [G],[D][Asus4] [G]

                          Carry them away


Verse 3:

Like those [D]good ole’ rides down [Asus4]country roads [Bm]all up Georgia [G]44

That led, [D]to the edge of [Asus4]town and then back a[Bm]gain [G]

And that [D]time we laid [Asus4] on our backs in the [Bm]bed of my [G]truck down by the lake

[D]As we watched [Asus4]stars fallin’ from miles a[Bm]way [G]



And [D]while I am layin’ here alone tonightAnd [Asus4]you’re off somewhere else,

I’ll [G]dream on all our memories while [Asus4] flying through the clouds.

And [Bm]when the morning light hits my eyes I’ll [G]wish that I could stay,

[D]Fast asleep while thoughts of you [Asus4]car-ry my dreams a[D]way.


"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels

Re: (Thoughts of You) Carry My Dreams Away

Howdy Blake!  Glad to see somebody else from the South!  I took the liberty of applying the voodoo codes so that your song would appear all formatted nice & purdy like . . .

This is a very sweetly romantic song - have you sung it for 'her' yet?   James

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Re: (Thoughts of You) Carry My Dreams Away

no words for this song...except that this is one of the best songs ive ever read and played...
keeep writing and composing

love is like a violin, the music may stop now and then but the strings remain forever...

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Re: (Thoughts of You) Carry My Dreams Away

Naw I haven't sung it for her yet James...Got to build up the nerve first!
You are a sweetheart ode to the cruel heart! (On the basis that you're a girl,  if you weren't that last statement would just be weird)  And Thanks Again!!!!!  You keep writing too!!

"Fly on Proud Bird, At Last You Are Free"
-Charlie Daniels

Re: (Thoughts of You) Carry My Dreams Away

Hi Blake,

I have only just found time to play this little gem of yours. Love the lyrics and the chord sequence - well done.

Thank you,


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