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Just read that today is Willie's 78th Birthday, any Chordians share the same birthday. Willie is a true American Icon, a legend. When the day comes his Martin Guitar"trigger"  belongs in the Smithsonian, or I'd be happy to take it, either way works for me. Happy Birthday Willie!

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a truly great man. happy birthday willie.


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A fantastic musician.  An amazing songwriter.  And most importantly, a stand-up guy.  When his kite hit the trade-winds and he was flying high (pun intended), he remembered the folks who helped to get him there and made sure that they got as good from him as they gave. 

- Zurf

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happy bd Willie!One of my hero's,hope he lives alot more years.thanks for the heads up cam. If the usa had a king I think willie would be a good choice.

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Happy birthday Willie.

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one of the best,   happy B-Day to Willie, still smokin.

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One of the best showmen I've seen. Happy Birthday Willie.