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Iwas looking through E-Bay and was impressed with the selection of guitars. Question is to  anyone who has ever purchased a guitar on E-bay. Since you obviously cant try it out before you buy it. What happens if you don't like it after you receive it. I am a bit leary about purchasing a guitar and not having a chance to play it first.

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I have thought about buying one on ebay before but for the reasons you say I didnt bother.
I would much rather have a guitar in my hand and make sure it sounded ok and looked ok and there was no warp on the neck etc.

Even if someone gives you a garuantee thru any internet site, you will have the hassle of gettng t uplifted by courier etc and snding it back then waiting for your money back ( if you are lucky enough to get a garuantee like that)

I will stick to buying from the shops.


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I agree with Ken,

If you read through some of the other threads concerning buying a guitar you will find that some members have tried 3 or 4 identical guitars and they have not all sounded the same. You may pay a little more going to your local music emporium but you can try and know exactly what you are getting and you will also have somewhere to go if something should go wrong.


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Supporting your local music shop is a good thing to do . . . you might seem to save a couple of bucks off the internet, but in the long run it is best to deal with somebody local who can provide service and support.

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very good points everyone, I beleiveI will continue dealing with music shops. Thanks for the wake up call

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Yeah me too, i like to try it out first anyway.

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Hi All
If you are in the UK I would recommend Regents in Lemington Spa  I bought my guitar from the shop, but having meet them I'm sure that their service via the internet would be first class.
You could also try  They provide a 14 day money back guarantee including all postage costs if you are not happy with your purchase.

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I've bought several electric guitars off of E-Bay but all were cheap bids and looking for project guitars to repair/hotrod/or rework. If I was buying a "quality" guitar then I would first check out my local music stores and play it before buying.

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I think Jay made a good point, buying a project guitar is quite different. I bought a guitar last year on Ebay, a heavily inlayed les paul body style electric. The winning bid was amazingly low but the shipping was almost $200.00. To add to this, it needed profesional set-up, new strings and a bit of TLC before it started to match my expectations. I now have it setup proper and am content.

My point is that I planned on having to do all that from the beginning. Ebay might be fun for browzing, but I'll still do 90% of my shopping in person, from a dealer I trust.

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I bought my guitar on ebay. It's my first and I'm quite happy with it.

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You can also search on ebay by "nearest distance first", that way you may find something local....bye

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