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This repair might be of interest to some of you.

I had a guitar brought into the shop with several strings buzzing. The neck was straight and the bridge was rather high but on further inspection I found that someone had been lowering the action by filing down the nut - and going too far. I was struggling to find a replacement that would fit but then decided on another plan of action.

I have always been an advocate of guitars with a zero fret as they always have a low action. So I took a piece of fret wire which is a 'T' in profile and I filed of half of the top bar to make it an inverted 'L' shape. I removed the nut and fitted the modified fret between the fretboard and the nut like so:

After lowering the bridge the action all along the fretbord was great and the customer was happy.


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Thats why I love Chordie - great info, tips and tricks.

Thanks for sharing.

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Was playing six nights a week in bars. Not much money. My 1960 Gibson 330 had the slots in the nut worn down so low the strings started buzzing.
i loosened the offending strings and shoved a bit of wadded up bar napkin in the slot on the nut under each string and tightened her back up - raising each string high enough to stop the buzz. It sounded and worked fine for months until I could replace the nut.

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Nice job Roger!!! My repair guy uses CA(cyanoacrylate, aka superglue) to build the grooves back up then files them to where they should be. I've heard this is a pretty popular trick.

BTW, how did you take that pic? I've tried to get a close up of my frets but to no avail. I have a decent camera but.....

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