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Read 'Musicophilia' by Oliver Sacks. Interesting stuff about music and the brain. Hard to say for sure if abilities cross over from one thing to another. Music seems to use distinct parts of the brain. People with brain injuries and other issues often can maintain musical ablilites and sometimes even 'discover' new musical abilities they didn't know they had. Or they recover certain brain functions but lose the music.
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Buzzwagon wrote:

I'm a landscaper, a good one! I've built 2 medal winning gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show which is the worlds best horticultural show and another at the Hampton Court show. Sadly my guitar playing isn't world class though as it would certainly earn me more money if it was!


We bought a house last year that has a huge garden in the back.  I've always like yard work, but gardening was new to me.  I'm now harvesting Crocosomia seeds and daylilly bulbs out of my yard.   I'm starting to like dirt and when I'm cleaning the kitchen I think "Hey, that would make good compost."

Is that normal?

Someday we'll win this thing...


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Sounds like my pop! (dad) He started getting me to dump my hamsters old bedding/food into the compost, and lil punkin plants came up smile

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