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Topic: Thursday's Child

My son is five, and autistic.  He inspired this.   It's a really simple song.  I usually put an 8 bar instrumental lead in before each verse and play an extra instrumental of the verse to solo over.

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Re: Thursday's Child

Howdy Jerome - Wow, quite a gem here.  Knowing the backstory adds perspective to the lyric.  However, I think even without that info the song is lovely and conveys beautifully a universal expression of parental care and concern.  Also, the waltz-time meter lends it a certain grace.  James

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Re: Thursday's Child

Hi Jerome,
That is a beautiful Piece!
One of my friends has a beautiful 25 year old Son, Also Autistic!
He is the Handsomest young Man, and some times when i call
I see a flash of knowing in his eyes?
I also have a Profoundly Deaf Nephew! Our large family took this on as a Challenge, and learned to sign Language!   I know this is a different situation for you, but you are reading Him anyway with your lovely words Expressed from both sides!

Diá linn { God to you and your Special Child}

Old Doll

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Re: Thursday's Child

Hi Jerome,

I agree with both James and Old Doll it is a beautiful song. I have a grandson who although is not autistic he does have autistic tendancies and I can see him as I sang it. It takes a special parent to care for such a special child, I wish you all well.

Thank you,


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Re: Thursday's Child

Thanks for the feedback.  With regards to the meter, I was looking for a sort of "rocking" feel like you might find autistic kids doing.    I wanted to get that repetitive sense of motion that these kids all seem to look for.

And truth be told, when I put it on stave paper, it was in 6/8.  But Garage Band doesn't have a whole lot of loops available for 6/8, so I doubled the time and wrote it in 3/4.  big_smile

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I'm also going to add another 8 bars to the bridge, just to fill out the song.  I haven't written those lyrics yet.  But they're coming.

Someday we'll win this thing...