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Doc Watson, Folk Musician, Dies at 89, a true American Legend. … amp;emc=na

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When we speak of great guitarists of any style, Doc Watson is on everyone's list.  A tremendous talent and based on what other musicians had to say about him also a kind and thoughtful man.

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R.I.P. Doc, and thanks for the entertainment.

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A nationally known artist and a local hero - We drive the Doc Watson Highway every time we go to the mountains. Amazing he was ever discovered from such a small town. Bluegrass wouldn't be the same without him RIP Doc.

From the article:

“He is single-handedly responsible for the extraordinary increase in acoustic flat-picking and fingerpicking guitar performance,† said Ralph Rinzler, the folklorist who discovered Mr. Watson in 1960. “His flat-picking style has no precedent in earlier country music history.†

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A lot of great music left behind to remember him by but he will be Greatly missed.

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RIP Doc Watson. I got them Deep River Blues.


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I love to listen to him.  He was a great player.

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A great and humble man, i regret not seeing him in Nashville now that i live so close but the oppertunity did not come up.  He will be missed greatly.