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Spring is here in northern Virginia and with it all the new life and growth that nature brings. I know the yard work that goes with spring will eventually get old but for now I am enjoying it, so much so that I wrote this song.

Suburban Pastoral By Jeff Gilpin

May 5, 2013

[C/G]I look all a[CMaj7]round me and [Am7]see so much [CMaj7]life

It a[C/G]stounds me some[CMaj7]times that I [Am7]wonder out [CMaj7]loud

When [F/C]I'm all a[F/D]lone when [F/C]I’m in a [F/D]crowd

Or [G]when we’re out walking to[F/C]gether on a trail through the [C/G]woods [CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

[C/G]Just yester[CMaj7]day while I [Am7]worked in the [CMaj7]yard

All [C/G]whirling a[CMaj7]round as they [Am7]float to the [CMaj7]ground

[F/C]Thousands of [F/D]whirlybirds [F/C]meandering [F/D]down

As [G]they try to spread little [F/C]maples all through the [C/G]world[CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

And as I [F/C]sweep up my sidewalk and my driveway too

I [C/G]marvel at all that I [F/C]see

I wonder what all of the [G]maples

Think about [C/G]me[CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

As[C/G] I do my [CMaj7]yard work I [Am7]know pretty [CMaj7]soon

I’ll [C/G]be back a[CMaj7]gain to con[Am7]tinue this [CMaj7]chore

As if [F/C]driving back [F/D]nature just [F/C]makes it grow [F/D]more

Yet I still [G]prod it along with [F/C]treatments that accentu[C/G]ate [CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

Some [C/G]flowers are [CMaj7]blooming and [Am7]some are just [CMaj7]buds

And [C/G]some now are [CMaj7]shriveled their [Am7]show about [CMaj7]over

Their [F/C]annual [F/D]visit each [F/C]year I dis[F/D]cover

The [G]beauty of nature as [F/C]winter evolves into [C/G]spring [CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

And as I [F/C]bag up all my yard trimmings

I [C/G]marvel at all that I [F/C]see

I wonder what the grass and the [G]flowers

All think about [C/G]me[CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

[C/G]There in my [CMaj7]holly tree [Am7]I see a [CMaj7]nest

That some [C/G]house finches [CMaj7]made [Am7]early this [CMaj7]spring

To a[F/C]void all the [F/D]weather and [F/C]do other [F/D]things

Now [G]more little finches a[F/C]light throughout the [C/G]branches[CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

Other [C/G]birds at the [CMaj7]feeder and [Am7]at the bird[CMaj7]bath

But they [C/G]bolt when I [CMaj7]check them to [Am7]fill and to [CMaj7]clean

But there’s [F/C]no way to [F/D]tell them [F/C]I’m not very [F/D]mean

I’m [G]sure they’ll come back a[F/C]gain once I’m [C/G]gone [CMaj7] [Am7] [CMaj7]

And as I [F/C]wash out the birdbath and refill the feeder

I [C/G]marvel at all that I [F/C]see

I wonder what all of the [G]birds

Think about [C/G]me[CMaj7] [C/G]

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR

Re: Suburban Pastoral

Good one again jets,I rate it Four sake shots out of five. I think you must have some Bob Dylan in your songwriting.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

Re: Suburban Pastoral

Thanks Dino. I am a big Dylan fan for sure.

J  E  T  S
...and yet a Redskins fan ...long story...HTTR