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This Saturday the Ohio State University football team will travel to Ann Arbor Michigan to play the University of Michigan (aka "that team up north) in one of the great rivalry games in college football.  Even the BBC once did an hour-long program about the "Ten Year War" between the Buckeyes and Wolverines back when Bo and Woody were their coaches.  A few years ago I used the rivalry as the backround of a song I wrote for a Valentine Day songwriting contest at a local open mic. For those outside B1G country, some of the nuances are probably lost (school colors, etc).  Attached is a youtube link to a recording made while I played the song at the open mic.  Its a simple chord progression out of "D", although I tend to capo up sometimes depending on how my voice/throat is doing.

If Big Jim sees this, I hope you enjoy it buddy.

He was just a Buckeye farm boy visiting Toledo
Feeling hot and thirsty he wanted a cold brew
At the border with that state up north he went into a tavern
There he met a lively lass all dressed in maize and blue

He returned to the rolling hills of southern Ohio
He told his mom and father 'bout the new love that he'd found
So they went to church and knelt and prayed to Saint Woody for forgiveness
As the story of his sacrilege soon spread around the town

His mother wept for 20 night alone in her bedroom
His father just stared at the floor while in his rocking chair
'Cause nothing could be more obscene than living with a Wolverine
And the shame it brought upon them was more than he could bear

Despite his parent's warnings, he wed that girl from Michigan
His friends all tried to stop them, but they arrived too late
So with rumors of a lynch mob in that sleepy Buckeye village
He loaded up his pickup truck and quickly left the state

That girl and boy moved to Illinois and the college town of Evanston
Our story doesn't end there, instead it goes full circle
They enrolled for some classes at Northwestern University
So I guess its true that red and blue when mixed will make purple

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Oh Ed, tell me this is fiction; for if ever a young lad chased and caught a young lass from Meeeeeeeechigan, it would bring scorn from his Buckeye bretheren!  Shame the audio in the video gets a little muffled from the crowd noise.  Kind of limits the ability to understand the lyric without following it as you wrote it out.  You are a creative soul my friend!  Oh, by the way,  Go Bucks!

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Enjoyed it Ken.

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