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I wrote this a while back now always not been comfortable with singing side of recording but I gave it a go on this one. Just follow the link to soundclick for a listen see what you think. It's not "ambient"  smile

My Love Arkady


[C] [Am] [Em] [G]

My Love


[C] I gave you my heart and[Am] you hold it fast.

[Em] You told me you loved me [G] and it would last.

[C] In this world of change [Am] you are my rock.

[Em] I am a key and[G] you are my lock.


[Am] You gave me your song [C] so we both could share the [G] tune

[Am] You became my melody [C] with words softly [G] hewn.


[C] I was drowning and [Am] yougave me air.

[Em] You showed me the stars [G] and made me aware.

[C] When I was flying[Am] you guided me to the ground.

[Em] you are the finger that [G] Im tightly wound.



[C] I was lost andyou[Am]showed me the way.

[Em] You gave me colour [G] drove away the grey.

[C] In my empty sky [Am] you are my bright sun

[Em] We are two but [G] together we are one.



[C] I was in Winter and [Am] you became my Spring.

[Em] You gave me a voice [G] so I could sing.

[C] In the dark of the night [Am] you are the dawn

[Em] I was the eye [G] you were the storm.


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Hey Ark smile

I knew you had it in you for singing.
I like your use of metaphors to convey how you feel.   

"You gave me colour, drove away the grey"   

Very powerful writing.

Hope their more vox in the future smile



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hi tony, great song sung with lots of emotion, loved the chord progression. phill

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I like,thanks for sharing ark.

my papy said son your going too drive me too drinking if you dont stop driving that   Hot  Rod  Lincoln!! Cmdr cody and his lost planet airman

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That was really good! I liked the song, production, playing and singing. Great job arkady.

The talent of the members from this site amazes me!

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I don't think you should be uncomfortable singing. I thoroughly enjoyed this song.


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very  nice  song   well  sung

Re: My Love recorded

Thanks for the comments guys.
Hi Ken I'm glad I got round to recording this song now I guess we all have our hang ups about our songs. Thanks for the positive comment.

Hi Phill I find a simple chord progression mostly always gives up a decent melody. Glad you liked the song. Tony

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment Dino.

Hey Humming thanks for the positive comment. I agree with you about the talented members on Chordie. Ive read and heard some great songs on here.

Hi Roger thanks for the vote of confidence on my voice. There's a few more I think I will turn my voice to now.

Thanks Graham for the comment. I guess your soaking up the sun Crete now lucky chap.

I'm typing this on my fairly new iPad so there maybe some typos... Haven't worked out how to  insert smile icons yet.

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hey ark  I  haven't  seen much  sun since  I  got  back   been stuck  in Niks  cellar rehearsing  for  Saturday's  show ,  we haven't  played  together   for  6 months Brian our  rhythm guitarist  doesn't  get  back  till  tomorrow  afternoon ,that's  what  I  call  cutting  it  short .Next   week I  will  take  in some  rays .