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Interesting read. By "guitarists", I think they mean real players. Not just hobbyists like most of us. But maybe we have a little bit of it.

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Good read.  Guess that explains why my playing gets better when I'm half ripped, (not that it's a good reason to fall off the wagon)..... but then again maybe it just seems so.  Others have said things to that effect, but there might be something to that "overthinking" it hindering the expression of artistic nuance.

I've got some meds that do that, and have found myself composing some cool stuff and not having much of a memory of it the next day. If I could just concentrate enough to score it when it happens!!!!

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I always consider myself just a below average guitarist, but every once in a while I'll get into the "zone". When I come out of the music room my wife will say "that was a really great piece you played". I don't know how it happens, it just does and feels "right". Just wish I could do it all the time. Like you said, "maybe we have a little bit of it."

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Really some good reading thereZ I think a lot of it is true about it,thanks for the share.

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That's a cool article ... always fascinating to learn the "why" behind what people do. A lot of musicians are true introverts, and the time alone with the instrument is both cathartic and therapeutic. It's also necessary to improving ones skills, because there's no substitute for the solo practice time that's needed.

So then we come to the performance aspect, which requires some significant extrovert traits. This makes an introvert uncomfortable, and unable to relax into "performance mode" most of the time. Perhaps that's why self-applied medical interventions are often used. Once an introvert can get into that relaxed "oblivious to everyone else" frame of mind, the real skill comes out.

What a mess we are! lol