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June 1, 2014

I am looking for my "lost" guitar. It was constructed at The Juan Roberto Guitar Works in the early 70's. This is now Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ.

She's a six-string beauty, but was amateurishly home-built and weighs a ton. She possesses the infamous "double back" patterned after Maccaferri, but glued in with a substance not unlike concrete, so I imagine the instrument is still in one piece unless someone made the effort to remove that darned double back. She has a rosette made of snail shells in casting resin, a lovely slot-head and an oil, not lacquer finish.

Foolish youth that I was, I sold it at my garage sale when I left Arizona in '78 to move to California. It was in a blue and orange foam traveling case, handmade by my sister Lorna Van.

I would love to have her back.

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muchos gracias, dd

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hi db and welcome too chordie.I wish you luck finding your old love,I had few I had too sell because of getting married and having kids so I know some of your hurt,I will keep my eyes out for yours.

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Buenos Tardes,  Man you aren''t asking much are ya? LOL  Something like 35 years later, kinda one of those needle in a haystack searches. Chances of the guitar still being in the Phoenix area are pretty small.... but then again we do have a massive membership spread all over this small planet, so miracles can happen from time to time. 

If you happen to have a photo hanging around to post, someone just might recognize it.

Good Luck to you, and nice hearing from you.

Take Care;

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Best wishes. Stranger things have happened.

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